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Reel FX

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Kym and I randomly met Johnson, an animator at Reel FX, while we were on a spontaneous trip to White Rock lake. He was attempting to run around the entire 9.33 mile trail but stopped to ask about the lake and being new to Dallas. He offered to give us a tour of the Reel FX studio in Deep Ellum and we planned a visit with him two weeks later. It was odd getting a tour of an office building at 9:30 at night but it was fitting considering the current film they're working on. Their next film is The Book of Life, and will be released on Halloween 2014. There were still three out of the 300 person staff still working away in the dark cubicles. We weren't allowed to take too many photos of anything relating to The Book of Life, which was difficult. There were mock ups and drawings elegantly pinned up EVERYWHERE, the whole tour felt like being in a museum.