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The three major influences to my photojournalism work: 

1. One in 8 million- A series of 54 short videos shot throughout 2009 by New York Times photographer, Todd Heisler. Each week a new video was published about a different New Yorker. My favorite will always be "May Wong Lee: The Adoptive Mother."

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.16.29 PM.png

2. California is a Place- Nine short documentary videos that are just ridiculously high quality in every regard. Even after the 30th time watching Scrapertown I still get chills down my spine. These nine videos have been added over the past eight years maybe longer and I check for the next video every month, religiously. 

3. Brenda Ann Kenneally- A freelance photojournalist I stumbled upon during my time at Western Washington University. Her name was on a list of famous/not so famous photojournalists that my professor handed out for a project. I was incredibly impressed with her work, her subjects and her mission. I even e-mailed her with more questions and actually got a response.