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Ivette's after school coding class

Added on by Madeline Stevens.

I met Ivette at Code Fellow while she was taking the Code 201 intro to HTML, CSS and JavaScript course. Everyone on campus knew her. She is outgoing, personable, genuine, and wicked smart. She was talking about important topics in our 'women of code fellows' Slack channel. We quickly became close friends with similar interests and goals. 

After Code 201 she had to get back to teaching. But she had planned on creating a web dev class for the middle school students who signed up. 

On November 1, I was invited to help! I walked around answering questions while Ivette guides students step-by-step with the projector. You couldn't even tell that Ivette was sick, she brings energy and enthusiasm no matter what. The kiddos are eager to learn and it's obvious they trust Mrs. Cortez- they feel comfortable asking any and all questions. See you guys next Wednesday! Can't wait! This fed my soul.