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Coding Falcons (after school code class)! Session 2, Lab 1!

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I subbed for Ivette today so she could show her visiting folks from Chicago around Seattle. 

Ivette left instructions on the board. We set deadlines throughout the hour for each task. Find images with your team, tag them in your html file, style them/resize them in your css file. 



Mob programming.


A friend of one student came in to the computer lab to visit her after we were done with coding.

I got to hear about how there was an incident with a bully when the principal came in to say hi. She said there would be a talk with that bully the next day.

I said I felt bad for the bully. Both girls turned away from their computers, jaws dropped...

 "YOU DO?!"

"Yeah, I feel bad for bullies because they have stuff they're frustrated about and are trying to work through. Thank you for continuing to be the bigger person, both of you. I'm sorry that happened."  

But I wasn't there, and I don't know the situation. I hope the right people help with that talk. 



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