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Coding Falcons- recap of the past two Wednesdays

Added on by Madeline Stevens.

Last Wednesday: The math teacher acted as the student's client. He came in and listened to each of the two groups of five students discuss their web app. He asked questions and now they know what to expect for next time. 

Yesterday: I turned off the lights, closed the door to block the noise of the gym and the students walking through the halls as school is getting let out, I reiterated the instructions that Ivette had planned- make sure your pages are linked on your personal sites and do some styling. 

I stood at the podium and pulled up my codepen that I've been working in to mimic the assignment the students are currently working on. They all wanted gradient backgrounds which was awesome (I bet Ivette showed them that in regular class :). I had them pull up my codepen so they could see the code for divs. I think about half of the ten students created codepen accounts of their own. They enjoyed discovering dynamic, motion samples created all with CSS. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 4.10.43 PM.png