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August and September meetups

Added on by Madeline Stevens.
  1. I learned a ton at a recent Inclusive Design meetup I attended two days ago (Sept. 25) at Adobe. I had to laugh at how a highlight of the night for me was a back and forth between presenter and attendee regarding the use of image carousels. The attendee does not think they should ever be used, the presenter agreed but said that if you need to use one here are his tips. That’s been the focus of so much of my accessibility work! This almost validated my battle with making that sucker accessible these past few months!

  2. My friend Jacob was willing to share his top accessibility defects at July’s A11y meetup (focused on the CPAAC certification) at Blink. He mentioned how he relies on labels. He needs to be able to use the ‘H’ key to jump through each header (and additionally the G key-every graphic, T key- every table, B key- every button).

  3.  There was a great panel of women from Coffee Meets Bagel at September’s PuPPy meetup (Phython) at Juno. There was also a group of graduates from the data science program at Galvanize presenting their individual final projects.