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Coding Falcons Heroku site

Coding Falcons GitHub

  • Coding Falcons is a school and summer JavaScript code camp for middle schoolers that my business partner founded in 2017.

  • I built this JavaScript, Express, Bootstrap, jQuery, ARIA single page app to deliver camp information to students and families.

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This youtube video is 1) A walk through of my Coding Falcons site and 2) A tutorial on how to use the aXe Chrome extension from Deque Systems.

API Supply GitHub  

  • This RESTful API is a collection of useful APIs. The goal is for users to view API properties (key wait times, request limitations, doc ratings) to make preparing for API based projects more efficient. It's an API of APIs!

  • This backend only app was built using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose and mLabs. API Supply responds to HTTP requests to return different API records from our database. I worked with two other team members.

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Project Valor Heroku

Project Valor GitHub

  • A Veteran Affairs Medical facilities locator app for Washington State veterans. The idea is for users to type in their zip code and the three closest VA hospitals are returned. For each county in WA we also have pop ups displaying veteran stats.

  • This service app was built using the Google Maps API, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, and Express. I worked with three other team members.

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Who's Outside?! game

Who’s Outside?! GitHub

  • This is a logic game built with a team of four others using JavaScript, HTML, CSS and JQuery.

  • The player makes their way through this situational single-player game by choosing one option and moving through one of many storylines.

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